Your life….Your Choices!

Choices are about making  decisions between the good and bad, fine and ugly, good and better, better and best. Choices could have a major effect on you , this could be a good or bad one, which is why one should avoid making terrible choices. Would you prefer to make a choice that would have a negative impact on you? or Would you prefer to make a choice with a positive impact?.. well I’ll leave you to answer that.

When making choices, most people only consider themselves, they leave out all other people who would be affected. After all they are the ones making the choice why should they bother about anyone. This shouldn’t be the case.

The problem I have with making a choice is that, most of the impacts do not surface until the  choice has been made. This then results in you having to make a blind choice. Yes! I have been through this. Making a blind choice is more like taking a risk, because you don’t know what is going to happen, or how it is going to affect you. Take a look at picture above, there are two arrows, they give a really vague in fact no idea of the impact. It is either you take one way or the other. The arrows do not show which of the choices is bad and which one is good, the person would then have to take a risk in making his choice. What amazes me is that, sometimes people see these impacts clearly, that they can tell which choice is good and which is bad, yet they still end up making the wrong choice. Would we call this ignorance or just people not being honest with themselves.

I agree it is difficult to make choices, I mean we are all human and we face challenges in life. The scary part of making choices is when you are faced with two possibilities..hmm..yeah two possibilities. I was thinking of this, then i decided to jot down some examples to give a clearer meaning of what i meant by ‘two possibilities’ .

  • Going to church or sleeping at home: As much as sleeping is such a good thing,  (I mean who doesn’t like sleeping..well I do..lool) going to church is also awesome. Much as we consider it essential to go to school or work, not many people think its compulsory to be in church. Sleeping at home is good in the sense that you get to relax especially when the only day for you to rest is Sunday. It is not compulsory to go to church, but think to yourself, how will this affect my spiritual life?  will sleeping at home get me to heaven?. Your life your choices!
  • Reading or partying: Yeah sure one sounds like fun, while the other sounds boring, yet the two of them are possible. Making a choice here is easy, ask yourself should i read or party? what happens to my grade? what happens to my CGPA?, which one will be of better benefit to me?. Of course there are going to be people who would feel partying will be of more benefit than reading, yeah it could be ‘at certain times’. It’s all about making choices. Your life your choices!
  • Having pre-marital sex or abstaining: It is easy to abstain, yes it is and it is also easy to have sex(lol).It is left for you to decide which one you want. Think of the positive impact(you become a pro) and the negative impact(you lose your dignity) . Then ask yourself.. which do i prefer?.Your life your choices!
  • Letting go of someone you love or holding onto them: It’s all about choices. Yes! holding onto someone you love shows that you care for them, so letting them go means you don’t care? no it doesn’t, sometimes it just means you have held on enough and you now feel its time to let go. When making this kind of choice, ask yourself what would this person add to me if I hold on to him/her, am I better off without him/her, am I holding on to the wrong person?..when making your choices, try to separate your emotions from your choices. Don’t make silly choices all in the name of wise..Remember  Your life, your choices!
  • Dressing decently or exposing your body: Of course its your body, your choice. But remember the body is the temple of the how you treat it. when dressing, ask yourself of what image you are portraying to the public. Exposing your body could be a good option for you, as in you get to show all your accessories. Another thing is, the way you present yourself is the way people would see you. You wouldn’t dress badly and expect people to see you as being responsible, so make the right choice because Your life, your choices!

where you are today, you are there because;

  • God has made a choice to keep you alive and take you to that position: makes me remember a song; ”so am here today because he kept me, am alive today only because of his grace…..”.God has chosen to keep you which is why you are still alive.
  • You have made a choice to strive to reach and exceed that position: take for instance, you are faced with two situations where you have to either aim for a Master’s Degree or settle for a Bachelor’s Degree. It is left for you to make a choice on whether you want to aim for that degree or you just want to settle for the bare minimum. it’s all about choices

whatever choice you make in life, make sure that it has a positive impact on you and those that will be affected. Don’t let your choices mix with your emotions. For every decision you make, ask yourself questions, be totally honest with yourself, think about those who will be affected and how it will affect them.  life is the sum of all your choices,  that is why the choices you make today are likely to have impacts on you in the future. So please choose wisely and remember Your life, Your choices!


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  1. Cutielizie
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 14:32:37



  2. Kanyin and Tosin
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 17:48:21

    Tosin says hmmmmm and Kanyin says WORD !!!


  3. dewunmi
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 23:25:07

    Bhee…thanks…this means a lot …would print this n read it everyday…


  4. Anonymous
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 09:25:12

    Im soo proud of you…. God bless u!!!!


    May 11, 2012 @ 17:48:51

    Nice one.. even our God created us with choices to make…. it is placed before a man to chose between life and death…(God says)


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