Last week was quite stressful and I am so happy it came to an end…*sighs* was it the numerous course works? Or the endless assignments…Hmm…All the same I thank God I scaled through safely. There was this particular coursework I left unattended to, until the deadline, and I had to start rushing on the deadline, just to make sure that I handed it in. If only I hadn’t left it until so late, maybe I wouldn’t have had to start rushing which kinda resulted into me making silly mistakes. Procrastination they say is the thief of time. This brings me to my post for today. ‘Time’

Few days ago I sat thinking of exactly what time meant, but to my utmost surprise, I couldn’t even come up with a better description other than time= distance/speed. Well before you judge my definition, am actually right in terms of physics…lol. As at the time, I was writing this post, I still had not come up with a definition for ‘Time’. What is time? How do you differentiate one time from the other? Is it just common sense or is it way more than that?

I would say its way more than that because, if being able to differentiate time was just common sense, then a lot of people will not be doing things at the wrong time or on the other hand, maybe its just common sense with people preferring to turn their back on the truth.  You know you are meant to be doing something at a time but you choose to do something different all because you are hiding from the truth. Sometimes we even waste our time unknowingly, and sometimes we lie to ourselves just to enjoy the fun of the moment. When I say ‘fun of the moment’, I mean, you deciding you want to spend your time on something with a ‘short run’ benefit than spending it on something with a ‘long run’ benefit. I’ll give an example of trying to enjoy the fun of the moment. There was this girl, she loved having fun, fun in terms of going out, partying, having a boyfriend(at least that was fun to her). Her parents wanted her to focus on school, but no! She turned deaf ears because she felt it was going to take so much effort for her to ignore all the fun part of her life and then focus on school. To her she was enjoying ‘life’, but what she did not know was that she was wasting ‘Time’. All she focused on was enjoying the ‘fun of the moment’.  Years after, she ended up being at the wrong place at the wrong time, all because she did not utilise her time well. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing bad in having fun, or having a boyfriend/girlfriend but the lesson from this is for us to PRIORITISE, do the right thing at the right time. My supervisor in sec school would say ‘suffer now so you can enjoy later’. I was so ignorant of what he was saying then, because the only thing I based my analysis on was the word ‘suffer’. How can he ask us to suffer?  That’s wicked; these were the thoughts going on in my naive mind then. Well now, I can fully analyse it and explain that what he meant was, make good use of every time and every opportunity you have now so that in future you can benefit from the fruits you have planted.

As much as the truth hurts, we sometimes have to relate to it, have you ever sat down to ask yourself ‘How well do I use my time’ what do I use my time for?

Am I reading when am supposed to be reading, partying when am supposed to be partying, praying when am supposed to be praying, chatting when am supposed to be chatting, am I in this relationship at the right time, am I in this job at the right time, is this the time to focus on whatever I am focusing on right now, am I at the right place at the right time?  Am I starting this project at the right time? How well can I differentiate my time? Time is so powerful, that once it is lost, it becomes the past, and you can not regain it. Do I sound like miss perfectionist? Well I have got my flaws as well, but what helps you to correct your flaws is when you come in terms with it, accept you have gone wrong and make amendments. At one point or the other, we have all spent our time doing the wrong things, no doubt. We can not be so perfect in terms of using our time efficiently, I agree! but my point here is, we might not be able to become all perfect with using our time, but we can start gradually by experimenting with little things.

Time is like a precious treasure that has been put into your care, it is left for you to decide how to nurture it, would you rather treat it well by making good use of it or would you maltreat by not using it well. It’s up to you. Time is like money that has been given to you for investment, the obvious aim you would want to achieve on the long run is to make profit so that the money multiplies. If you do not invest wisely, it could result in you making a loss instead of profit.  This is just how it applies to  time, spending your time on productive things is just like investing, the yield of those things you have spent your time doing will be the profit or loss. How well do you use your time?

It is one thing to have the time and it is also another thing to utilise it well. Some of us have the time, but we choose to spend it on the wrong things. Time is so precious that you can’t afford to disregard it; some people are out there wishing they had the time you have now, because they have learnt their lesson, but guess what? It’s too late because that time has been lost. You have the time now, utilise it, and make good use of every second, minute and hour . Spend it on things that are worthwhile, spend it on productive things. Don’t wait till everything goes bad, start now! and if you want your future to be bright, you have to spend your time on the right things.

If you spend your time on the right things, at the end of the day, you can look back with no regrets on how you have spent your time. Time waits for no man, opportunity knocks but ONCE. If you use your time well, you would be at the door when opportunity comes knocking, but if you use your time wrongly, you might just be sitting on the sofa when opportunity comes and by the time you get to the door, it would be too late.

Having said this…Feel free to comment by giving your definition of time, I mean in your own words.

Before I stop…uhmm a friend of mine gave me a definition, hmm God help us with all this people going to school ehn! Too much grammar… Here’s what he said;

‘Time is what guides everything we do, it causes universal equilibrium in an irreversible succession’’

Yeah am thinking what you’re thinking…Lol


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