How strong are you in the face of difficulties?

Wow..being a while people, I have had so many people asking of my blog and how it’s coming up, so much love from everyone. Thank you people, it gives me joy to know that people care that much..:)..

My post for today was inspired by events that have happened in the past few weeks , so many things have happened..uhmm..I’lld say its being challenging so far but still, i thank God because He has being so faithful to me. Here we go;

‘Life is not a bed of roses’ many people really use this adage but only few people understand it to the deepest part. On a serious note though, life is made up of the good and the bad, it can’t just all be smooth, there is bound to be some rocky part. At one time or the other we have all had this time in our life where we have had to face some difficult situation, but the thing is, our strength lies in us making the best out of that situation. Difficulties in life are like challenges to see how strong you are, to see whether you are faint hearted, and to see how well you can withstand not living an easy life . Difficulties challenge you; it’s just like someone saying to you ‘common let’s see what stuff you are made of’. They try to overcome you by putting you into messy situations. The question is how do you overcome these difficulties?

Having an optimistic mind helps you to know that no matter what situation you are in, you would surely overcome it. If you are in a difficult situation and all you can think of is how to commit suicide, how you are not going to make it, or how you want to give up so bad, then you have a long way to go in building your determination. My dad would always say to me ‘a pessimist would see a glass cup with water filled up midway and say the cup is half-empty, meanwhile an optimist would see the same glass cup and say the cup is half full’. This explains the fact that people see life from different perspectives, a pessimist would only focus on the bad aspects of life while an optimist would try to see the good aspects of life or even see the bad and make the best out of it. A pessimist focuses on what is missing, what he or she doesn’t have – the half empty glass. An optimist, on the other hand focuses on what he or she has- the half full glass. What you tell yourself when you are in a difficult situation matters a lot because that determines your strength and weakness at that point. What do you tell yourself in the face of difficulties?

  • Do you say- I am definitely going to fail or you say I will pass no matter what.
  • Do you say- I feel like committing suicide now or I will overcome this problem because my God is bigger than it.
  • Do you say- I am going to give up or you say I am going to endure till the end.

What exactly do you say to yourself?

Here is a way out, when in difficulty think to yourself, I have an ambition, I am destined to be great, whatever problem I am facing right now is just a test of my strength and faith, nothing will stop me from succeeding not even the most difficult problems of life, I can do this!. Thinking positively this way will help you overcome your fears of whatever problem you have got.

The main point I would like to draw from all of this is- never ever let your difficult situations bring you down. Also for every situation you find yourself, always thank God because if you are shown the life of every single person on this earth, you would find out that there are people with worse situations.

The fact that you are alive, that you can walk, see and talk is more than enough reason to be happy despite the difficulties. Life can be full of difficult situations but it is up to you to make those difficult situations into favourable ones.

One last thing, whenever you face a difficult situation, have that faith and look up to God, He is right there just waiting for you to call on him…:)

I’ll leave you with this quote I found on the Internet;

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection – Thomas Paine



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