A new month

A new month, a new beginning, a new start; it’s a new month and it’s precisely the month of June. The month June depicts a beginning of the second half of the year. It’s been a wonderful journey for me so far in the year 2012; I have made friends, learnt lessons, developed my communication and listening skills and grown closer to God.


In the beginning of a new month, you should sit and ask yourself of the achievements you have accrued in the past month,  the things you have failed to do, the commitments you have failed to stand by, the promises you have failed to fulfil, the mistakes you have made and the lessons you have learnt. Now coming into the new month, you should endeavour to analyse these things and point out where you have done well and where you have not. In those areas where you have done well, you should try to keep your performance steady as you enter into the new month and in those areas where you have failed, try to ponder on the things that might have gone wrong, why they have gone wrong and how you can make it better. Ask yourself what you have achieved so far this year, if you cannot pin point anything, then its not to late to start working towards achieving something, so that at the end of year you can look back and say I have achieved this in the year 2012. A quote read thus: ”you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

On a side note, I love this month!!! Lol. It’s my brother’s month, it’s the month when I finish my exams, its the month that shows  summer is fast approaching and lastly it makes me appreciate God so much, because half way through the year and am still alive, hale and hearty. No matter what problem you might be facing at the moment, put those worries aside because the fact that you are alive today is enough reason to show you that God cares. So don’t worry because everything is going to be fine: D

Happy new month everyone: D……Welcome to the second half of the year!!!!!!


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