The Silent Treatment!!!!

Wow! that’s all I can say! (covers face) I know my last blog said I was back full-time and then I just went off again ( yh yh I know).  Am sooo  sorry (puts on puppy face), there’s just been too much to deal with and in life one has to learn to  prioritise in every situation. Still not enough excuse,  but I apologise all the same.

Now to the matter at hand, hmm I want to talk about silent treatment. First of all, for those who do not understand what silent treatment is, it’s simply a way of communicating with someone without using words because they have offended you. Well correct me if am wrong but this is mostly common among girls or ladies like most of us like to be called (smiles).

Silent treatment mostly happens when someone has annoyed you and you expect them to use their sense to just magically know what they have done wrong. Now this is not you  telling the person ‘hey you offended me by spilling my drink’ , this is you ignoring the person when he/she says hi to you or just giving faces. Now I hope I have explained what silent treatment is all about.

I was reading an article and it just struck me that silent treatment could actually destroy relationships. When I say relationships, I don’t necessarily mean Man/Woman, I mean relationship generally e.g family, loved ones, friends and so on. Sometimes we do things that are clearly wrong and try to convince ourself that they are right. You never understand how silent treatment hurts until its done to you.

Am not trying to sound like the ‘all perfect Kemi’ , I am certainly guilty of this myself but like I would always point out, part of what defines our strength is the ability to always learn from our mistakes. I have also noticed that silent treatment could actually cause emotional stress for the receiver.

What is my point? My point is, communicate with words instead of punishing that person, and like my father would always remind me ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’. So when you decide that someone has offended you and you want to use your skills (silent treatment) to deal with the person, think of how the person might feel and if you would want it to be done to you.  So call that person you are giving silent treatment and sort out your issues today.


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  1. Kanyinsola Odeyale
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 20:06:39

    Welcome back … sure missed you 🙂
    Well said


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