It’s been a minute!

Am sitting here on the bus from work thinking ….why have I neglected my blog for so long 😦 maybe because I have been involved in loads of things over the past few months or maybe because the inspiration to blog kinda Anyway here I am, back with full force ( well I hope!).

Over the months, a whole lot has happened. Made mistakes, learnt new things, moved closer to God, made new friends, break-ups, make-ups, met targets, visited new places and so many more. Above all, no regrets whatsoever, thank God for that.

Today I haven’t got much to say, I just wanted to point out something. If u aim to reach a goal (positive :p) or achieve a target in life, don’t ever let anyone or any situation reduce your level of determination or confidence. In order words believe in yourself! Even if people decide to turn against you, still believe in yourself, work hard and ofcourse Pray. Oh! And don’t ever forget, God always has the best plan in place for you.