Dear Daddy,

Permit me to make a small introduction just to clear the air, I promise it will not be so long.

Being a father isn’t a small job that anyone can just undertake, it involves lots and lots of duties. It is one thing to be a man, another thing to be a husband, but being a father is something that is entirely different from the first two.

Well, Someone can have attributes of a being a man and not of the other two. For instance, a man just has to fend for himself and  his family e.g. his parents, siblings and other extended families (optional).

A husband on the other hand has an additional mouth to fend for, i.e. his wife. He has to take care of his family, and also take care of his wife (hmm.. his wife’s family too). He has to be able to strike a balance between the two of them without causing problem. He will be required to attend to the needs of his family as well as that of his wife.

Now the most difficult one out of the three is the FATHER, by being a father, a man has the responsibility to provide for his children without leaving out the responsibilities of being a man and also being a husband. A father combines four responsibilities meaning, he has to fend for himself, he has to look out for his family by taking care of his ageing parents and unmarried younger siblings, he has to attend to his wife’s needs by acting as a responsible husband to her, and lastly he has to be a loving father to his children.

Daddy, when I look at you I see an ambitious man, a man who does not settle for less but would always work hard to reach a better position, a man who grabs the golden opportunities in life and makes the best use of it, a man who is ready to go any length for those he loves, a man who gives the best advice, a man who thinks it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, a man who never relents on his effort, a man who is an helper, a man who is more than a friend, a man who is not put back by difficulties but sees them as challenges he must undertake, a man who one can always rely on, a man who I would always love, above all I see a father.

Looking back to where it all started from, it gives me joy to see that we have come a long way and you have always stood by me. You have been a mother and a father at the same time (going by grandma’s definition of you). Even those times when I was the ‘not so good child’, you chastised me and always found a way to draw me closer again, you always drew me close even when I did not appreciate the things you did then.

To say it like it is, daddy you have been my source of inspiration and my role model, you’ve taught me to pursue my dreams no matter how hard things might seem, you’ve taught me never to settle for the bare minimum but to always aim high, you have taught me to accept life the way it is, you have helped me to know that I cannot always get everything I want the way I want it but I can always make good use of every situation I find myself in, with your help I have found my inner strength and potential, today I see difficult things and decide to do them not because I love them but because my daddy has taught me that there is no such thing as ‘difficult’ you just have to pray and search for your inner potential and strength to do it.

You are the reason why I will rather research on questions to get answers than rely on people because you have taught me to learn to be independent, you are the reason why I decide to solve the same maths question for close to 1 hour until I get it just because you tell me to never give up, you are the reason why I dream positively and work towards achieving a goal in life because you always say, to achieve a goal in life I have to be positive in my thinking. Sometimes you might not say the nicest words when trying to explain things to me, but looking past those words, I see the love that brings about those things you say and this motivates me to work harder in everything I do.

Going by general definition you might not be the richest father, but when I look at what you have achieved for yourself and when I listen to you talk about your aspirations and dreams.  I say to myself  ‘this man is the richest father’ because by my definition the richest father is a father who has goals and still strives to pursue them even in his old age.

Daddy you have been wonderful, I couldn’t have asked God for a better father because you are my definition of the best father. In my prayer, the major thing I always pray for is for me to make you proud, and for me to make you experience the joy of fatherhood.  If there is one wish and prayer I would make to God, it would be for God to preserve and keep you so that you can eat the fruits of your labour. Thank you so much for everything, I love you forever and a day more. Happy father’s day ❤

With love from Oluwakemisola


If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Hiya everyone..I’ll start this new post by making reference to my last post. Thanx to those who commented and followed, love you all. After reading my last post, I thought to myself, Oluwakemisola, you also need to make choices. Then I made my first choice, which was to go to church rather than sleep at home(good choice rite?..I know). Well I’m glad I made that choice because I was really blessed by the sermon. It was all about achieving one’s goal in life, I wrote down a bit which  I have now modified using my words to make it more comprehensive…so I thought, I might as well share it.

My question for you; What are goals? Goals are things you want to achieve. Now, do you have goals? What are your goals? How do you aim on achieving them? Do you have any set objectives?

Well, these questions all seem too much to be asked at once, but I can offer some answers on how you can achieve your goals in life.

Determination: You need to be determined, determination keeps you going even when everything is tough. Determination makes you see the hurdles of life as blessings in disguise. Determination is when you turn your ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’, your ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’, your ‘pessimism’ into ‘optimism’, your ‘No’ into ‘Yes’.

Dream: Someone who wants to achieve his/her goal must be ready to dream, by dreaming I don’t mean fantasy dreams, love dreams or dreams that arise from your thoughts. I mean dreams in terms of what your aim is in life, dreams in terms of what you hope to achieve, dreams in terms of what direction you are moving towards in your life. Having a dream is  a step towards achieving your goal. By having a dream, you have an idea of where you are going to. Not having a dream and wanting to achieve a goal is just like going on a journey without having a means of getting there, yet you want to get there.

Discipline: Discipline is really important, as it helps you to set rules and standards for yourself. Having rules and standards helps you on your way to achieving your goal.

Diligence: The people who achieve goals are those who work hard for it. You want to achieve a goal? then you have to be diligent, you have to be careful with every step you take. Am sure you don’t want to go one step forward and several steps backward.

Have a vision: It is one thing for God to open a door and it is another thing for us to walk through it. Many people pray day and night for God to establish them, yet they do not have a vision. Some people are myopic in their vision, they can only see as far as the things close to them, they don’t dream big. Having a myopic vision only determines the extent of your goal, because the extent of your vision determines the extent of your possession. My advice for you is to start dreaming big! and make sure you work hard to achieve it!

Step out of your comfort zone: Many of us feel so relaxed in our comfort zone that we do not look beyond the present.Sitting in your comfort zone will get you nowhere,if u want to achieve  your goal then you need to take that bold step because ‘the journey of  a thousand miles begins with a single step’ . Sometimes we fail to take that bold step because of the fear of embarking on a journey into the unknown. Also  most people are caged by their inner fear, you need to break that cage and set yourself free. The strength lies within you, you just have to find it and utilise it.

Some of us pursue our dreams, yet we do not reach that goal, ever wondered why? it’s all because we get distracted. Ask yourself today; am i on the right part to achieving my goal? how far am I from achieving my goal? have I focused on something else other than achieving my goal?…After answering these questions, work on your weak points and try to turn them into your strong points. It’s never too late to start dreaming because if you can dream it, you can achieve it