A man of Vision

I would say the past few months have been really stressful, mostly due to the pressure from work and school,  couple with the fact that I have had to make some decisions that did not just go well with me. It got to a point when I sat down to ask what exactly was going wrong because the pressure seemed to be like a never-ending thing. This got to me so much that I could not even hide my anger, it was written all over my face. I started experiencing mood swings, happy this moment, sad another moment.  Then I said to myself Oluwakemi you can’t keep going on like this; anyway,  I braced myself up and said no matter what I will get through this. Now this brings me to my story

Long time ago, my aunt made me read a book written by this Nigerian guy, she did not only make me read it, she made me summarise it in writing. I felt that was punishment, two A4 pages of writing a story, gosh! All I did then was to just read the book and summarise without digesting its content. Little did I know that the contents of the book were powerful and inspiring.  Some days ago I found the A4 paper I used in summarising the book, I sat down to read it and I found out that it made more sense than I thought. When I read it, it felt like a load had been lifted off me; it felt like I found that motivation I was craving for.  You know sometimes when you feel a bit down and feel like everything is not going as you expect it to go, you just need that motivation, that encouragement, that vision to show you that you have a focus, the contents written on this piece of paper served as my motivation that faithful day and even till now it still does. I said I was not going to do any blogging until after my exams in June, but then after I read that piece of paper, my spirit lightened up and I told my self that I just had to share it, so here we go.

Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln


    Vision is the ability to see and also an ability to plan the future with great imagination.

  •  A man with vision is someone who possesses the ability to see what others do not see and think what others do not think. This can be explained in the sense that a man of vision is not taking in by failure, but says there is success when others are crying failure.
  •  A man of vision is upright when others are failing, not because he has the magic power but because he sees himself as a winner. A man of vision is always at rest and not frightened by difficulties for he knows what his future looks like. Becoming a man vision is not just a thing you say by mouth but you have to put in some actions to support your words.
  •  A man of vision always trusts in God because God has a planned life for us even before we are born.  God knows the future and our future can only be bright by depending on him to plan it for us.
  • A man of vision is never of anxious for anything because he will not be moved by any negative happenings. Since he knows what his future looks like; all he has to do is work towards it gradually with dependence on God.
  • If you want to become a man vision then you must never give up because winners never quit and quitters never win. Examples of men of vision that did not quit despite the troubles were people like Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was defeated in business, legislature, as house of speaker, for the elector, the congress and many more, but still he did not quit because he had a vision. He later became the 16th president of the United States of America.
  •  One must see failure as an opportunity for success because a man of vision never accepts failure; rather he sees them as a set up for success just like the case of Joseph in the bible. Joseph had his brothers against him even to the extent that they plot to kill him, the wife of his master was also against him but he still succeeded because he never gave up and the Lord was with him
  •  As a man of vision, ‘’your vision determines your future’’. The poorest man on earth is not the man without a dime but a man without a vision. Most people are greatly packed with ideas but no vision to pursue them.
  • A man of vision must be focused and keep away from distractions because their aim is to distract you from being what you want to become.
  • A man of vision maintains positive attitude because those without vision, live in defeat, dream defeat because they never think of making it in life and they also think that success just comes by luck.
  •   For a man of vision, nothing is impossible because he depends on God’s word which says ‘With God all things are possible’’ so when everyone sees a situation as hopeless, he still believes that there is still hope.

Now from me to you: You have a future, depend on God, and trust in him for he has the master plan of your life. As a man of vision you must dare to dream big and I repeat DARE to, no matter how massive it might seem, never belittle a small start because to make it in life you have to start from somewhere. You should also make God’s word your standard and meditate on it day and night because God is faithful to those who follow him. Lastly, a man of vision must begin with the end in mind not minding how rough the road may be because you know someday you will get there.

I hope reading this has helped you just like it helped me. Thank you for reading 🙂


If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Hiya everyone..I’ll start this new post by making reference to my last post. Thanx to those who commented and followed, love you all. After reading my last post, I thought to myself, Oluwakemisola, you also need to make choices. Then I made my first choice, which was to go to church rather than sleep at home(good choice rite?..I know). Well I’m glad I made that choice because I was really blessed by the sermon. It was all about achieving one’s goal in life, I wrote down a bit which  I have now modified using my words to make it more comprehensive…so I thought, I might as well share it.

My question for you; What are goals? Goals are things you want to achieve. Now, do you have goals? What are your goals? How do you aim on achieving them? Do you have any set objectives?

Well, these questions all seem too much to be asked at once, but I can offer some answers on how you can achieve your goals in life.

Determination: You need to be determined, determination keeps you going even when everything is tough. Determination makes you see the hurdles of life as blessings in disguise. Determination is when you turn your ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’, your ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’, your ‘pessimism’ into ‘optimism’, your ‘No’ into ‘Yes’.

Dream: Someone who wants to achieve his/her goal must be ready to dream, by dreaming I don’t mean fantasy dreams, love dreams or dreams that arise from your thoughts. I mean dreams in terms of what your aim is in life, dreams in terms of what you hope to achieve, dreams in terms of what direction you are moving towards in your life. Having a dream is  a step towards achieving your goal. By having a dream, you have an idea of where you are going to. Not having a dream and wanting to achieve a goal is just like going on a journey without having a means of getting there, yet you want to get there.

Discipline: Discipline is really important, as it helps you to set rules and standards for yourself. Having rules and standards helps you on your way to achieving your goal.

Diligence: The people who achieve goals are those who work hard for it. You want to achieve a goal? then you have to be diligent, you have to be careful with every step you take. Am sure you don’t want to go one step forward and several steps backward.

Have a vision: It is one thing for God to open a door and it is another thing for us to walk through it. Many people pray day and night for God to establish them, yet they do not have a vision. Some people are myopic in their vision, they can only see as far as the things close to them, they don’t dream big. Having a myopic vision only determines the extent of your goal, because the extent of your vision determines the extent of your possession. My advice for you is to start dreaming big! and make sure you work hard to achieve it!

Step out of your comfort zone: Many of us feel so relaxed in our comfort zone that we do not look beyond the present.Sitting in your comfort zone will get you nowhere,if u want to achieve  your goal then you need to take that bold step because ‘the journey of  a thousand miles begins with a single step’ . Sometimes we fail to take that bold step because of the fear of embarking on a journey into the unknown. Also  most people are caged by their inner fear, you need to break that cage and set yourself free. The strength lies within you, you just have to find it and utilise it.

Some of us pursue our dreams, yet we do not reach that goal, ever wondered why? it’s all because we get distracted. Ask yourself today; am i on the right part to achieving my goal? how far am I from achieving my goal? have I focused on something else other than achieving my goal?…After answering these questions, work on your weak points and try to turn them into your strong points. It’s never too late to start dreaming because if you can dream it, you can achieve it